Toys for small animals

Keeping your small pets active is essential for their health. They may be little, but chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals are intelligent and energetic creatures that can easily become destructive through boredom. Like any other pets, small furries require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Make sure to keep them happy with special toys and accessories.

Chewing toys

Chewing is a fun activity for small pets, but it is also necessary for their dental health. Pets with continuously growing teeth need toys they can safely chew on to keep their teeth properly worn down. Chewing rings, balls, and sticks will keep your pets’ teeth in good condition and also keep your fluffy friends from chewing on off-limits items.

Exercise wheels and balls

Exercise toys are a great option to keep your pets active and entertained. Exercise wheels and balls can help your small furries stay healthy and give mental stimulation not to get bored and prevent them from developing destructive habits. Exercise wheels are designed to fit inside the cage. These stationary toys provide small animals with as much mileage as they can handle. Make sure you choose a toy that will not trap your pet’s tail or feet.

Exercise balls will give your pet the freedom to roll around the house on their own while protected inside a safe environment. They are designed to keep your fluffy friend in good shape while offering them a constant source of joy.

Tunnels and tubes

Small animals love exploring enclosed spaces. Give your pet hours of fun with tunnels and tubes. These toys will allow your furries to crawl, climb, and even hide away. What is more, tubes and tunnels can provide entertainment for both you and your pets! You can play hide and seek or leave them at their own leisure.

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