Choosing a cage for your bird

Although there are many different types of pets out there, the popularity of birds has been on the rise recently. They are beautiful, cheerful, and require very little maintenance.

One of the basics of having a pet bird is providing him with adequate living space. Because his health depends on how well he adapts to his environment and how safe, secure, and happy he feels in his home.

With all the different sizes and shapes of cages today, it is easy to become overwhelmed when choosing a home for your bird. Below you will find some tips on how to select an appropriate cage for the pet bird.


Birds belong to vast nature. So the bigger the cage, the better. It is vital for your pet’s health to have plenty of internal room in the cage. The best piece is large enough for him to walk around and fully expand his wings. Keeping a pet bird in a cage that is too small can result in screaming, biting, emotional disorders, and even feather plucking.

Bar spacing

Another thing to consider when choosing a cage is the bar spacing. The spaces between the bars are very crucial as you do not want your bird to squeeze through or become stuck between the bars. For small birds, such as canaries, the ideal bar spacing is around a half-inch. For larger birds, such as parrots, select cages with relatively large spaces between the bars.


Rounded cages can be harmful to the bird’s emotional and physiological health. So opt for a rectangular or square shape. Many cages can either be hung or placed on a stand. It will allow you to put the cage in a place where your pet bird can be near the center of the action

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