At-home dog grooming tools

Social distancing made us stay indoors and miss our morning coffee cups in the local coffee shops, meetings with friends, and appointments with the hairdressers, nail artists, and more. The same holds for our pets. It is likely that your four-legged family member has missed their last grooming appointment.

But do not worry, we are here to help you. Here is the list of must-have grooming tools to help you keep up with your dog’s needs.


A quality brush is a must. This grooming tool is the simplest to use when it comes to the grooming apparatus. Brushes come in different shapes and sizes. For dogs with long coats, choose metal-pinned brushes, and if your furry friend has short hair, opt for a brush with rubber teeth. Make sure the brush has smoothly finished teeth that will not damage your dog’s skin or coat.


A comb will help you get all the knots out. It is recommended to use sturdy metal combs. The best pieces will allow you to push them through the fur and untangle knots without breaking the dog’s hair.


If you plan on giving your pet a trim at home, it is worth splurging on professional-grade scissors. You must keep scissor blades sharp to ensure a clean cut without snagging or pulling.

Nail clippers

Cutting your dog’s nails regularly will make your dog feel comfortable and help prevent health and safety issues. You should be careful not to nick the vein in the nail as it will be very painful for the dog.


When bathing your dog, use shampoos made specifically for pets. They are free from harsh chemicals and help remove dirt without irritating your pet’s skin.

Ear cleansers

Ear cleansers are used to clean the ear canals. Soak the cotton ball with the cleanser, then gently insert it into the ear and move it around to remove the buildup of wax, sebum, and debris.

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